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To provide a showcase of my work, I’ve included some of my most recent projects. Take a moment to explore below, and reach out if you’re interested in learning more about what I have to offer.

Caption Copy

Socialfly: SlimFast Client 

Slimfast was a client I worked on during my summer internship at Socialfly. I had the opportunity to work on copywriting for their weekly content posts on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. 

I also had the opportunity to look into the performance statistics of these posts so that we could recommend new ideas for content and caption copy based on how well certain posts did or did not do. 

I got proficient in using platforms like, HerOrca, and Smart Sheets while completing these tasks for my clients. 


Game Night

Texas Immersive X Mixby

Texas Immersive has given me the opportunity to work with real-world clients. For this project, I worked on a team of 3 to create an experience for our client Mixby. Mixby is a photo and video experience-based app. Our goal was to create an event that would get people to download the app, engage with it, and give us feedback to share with the client. 

My team decided to host a game night with elements to get people to engage with the app and have a good time! We created a bingo scavenger hunt, played Jack Box games, and much more. Check out the deck we presented to the client! 

Photo Wall

Agha Juice

As a project manager for Agha Juice, one of the ideas I implemented into the social media strategy was the creation of a photo wall.
This project called for research, planning, and execution to the fullest extent. From the first design on a napkin to the real thing, this strategy increased online engagement and viewership on Instagram.

Social Media

Agha Juice 

Creating social media content for Agha Juice is just as fun as it looks. They have a wide variety of options to choose from and offer all kinds of service to their local customs. These posts are project-based and include seasonal items, appreciation posts, and more. 


Texas Belles Event Planning Organization

Holding the position of Vice Present of Texas Belles Event Planning Professional Organization comes with a handful of duties- some of which include keeping our professional pages up-to-date and maintaining our connections with current and past Belles. Here I get to showcase the industry professionals that I schedule to come to speak to current Texas Belles.

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