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June 2021 - August 2021



New York, NY

Socialfly is one of New Yorks's top digital advertising agencies. As a women-founded and women-led agency, I worked with an amazing group of people on the Accounts and Strategy team creating and strategizing ideas for our clients. ​

My clients were SlimFast, The Shops at Columbus Circle, and MAM Baby USA. I participated in client meetings, created weekly and monthly social listening reports, scheduled posts, and created captions for posts across all social media platforms for each client.

January 2021 - July 2021


Dallas Competitive Gamers

Dallas, Texas

Dallas Competitive Gamers is a gaming group that hosts tournaments and socials within the Dallas gaming community. As the social media intern, I got to design graphics to attract members to join the monthly tournaments and socials. I also collaborated on merchandise designs that got approved for members. My position also entailed scheduling posts based on analytics of reactions to previous posts and event outcomes.

February 2021 - July 2021


Elite Content Collective by little word studio

Newport Beach, California 

Elite Content Collective is a subscription-based mastermind community for real estate professionals that offers content to agents to help generate leads and grow business. 

As a project management intern, I was able to be a part of the launch for ECC and handle things from making partnerships, creating content for the launch, and emailing agents to get involved. 

July 2020 - December 2020


Texas Immersive

Austin, TX

Texas Immersive is a sequence in the advertising program at the University of Texas at Austin which specializes in immersive user experiences that enhance the blend of physical and digital interactions. 

As a content creator, I got to work closely with the social media and planning committees to plan and execute designs that tailor to portfolio highlights and event promotions. 

May 2017 - Present


Agha Juice

Carrollton, TX

Agha Juice is a Texas-based franchise owned by a local family in Dallas. They specialize in Pakistani and American desserts and fast-food. 

I work with the product innovation team to lead research in food and social media trends. I also create social media posts to introduce new products and promote signature items as well. Along with that, I also manage some internal accounting.

May 2016 - Present


Glamour Hair Design

Carrollton, TX

Glamour Hair Design is a local beauty salon based in Carrollton, Texas. The owner is an independent worker and runs the show herself.

Based on her requests, I plan monthly content release schedules for all social media platforms as well as create the content for those channels. I network with industry experts along the way, and also handle scheduling and monthly financial statements. 

Aug 2017 - Jan 2018



Carrollton, TX

As a retail sales associate at Kohl's, I assisted customers on a daily basis to find items and provided recommendations in multiple departments. I also organized inventory and merchandise. 

An accomplishment I had while working here was when I recommended a redesign in the women's shoe section. This attracted more people to the area and increased sales in the department. I was also awarded employee of the day multiple times for getting the most people to sign up for Kohl's cards. 

Programs & Organizations

UTNY (University of Texas at New York)

Summer Program Student 2021

UTNY is a summer internship program held in New York City, where I was able to take summer classes towards my advertising degree and obtain an internship in the city. This experience amplified creative energy and professional opportunities through UTNY's connections to companies and people. I got to engage in many opportunities to network and explore throughout the city and live a unique lifestyle for the summer.

Texas Immersive

Student & Committee Member 

Texas Immersive is a sequence in the advertising program at the University of Texas at Austin. This program specializes in immersive user experiences that enhance the blend of physical and digital interactions. For this sequence, we are required to take three classes in which we focus on the audience, storytelling, and emerging technology in teams to turn real-world problems into authentic, memorable, and relevant user experiences.

Texas Belles EPO

Vice President 

Texas Belles is a professional event planning organization at the University of Texas at Austin. Currently, I hold a position as Vice President where I coordinate meetings with industry professionals, keep track of member requirements, and lead the annual networking event. 

Texas Advertising Group

Active Member 

Texas Advertising Group is a student organization at the University of Texas at Austin for students interested in the advertising industry. As a member I gain insight from industry professionals through our weekly meetings fostering professional growth beyond the classroom. We also take trips to cities in the US to meet with advertising professionals and express our love and interest with the work they do.

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